Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday, was February 14th; V-day, the D-day for every couple. Its the day when every seat of every theater, every corner of every mall and every bush of every garden is occupied by Laila-Majnus, the Heer-Ranjhas and the Romio-Juliets. They hold hands and steals some ephemeral gaze at each other. He pinches her earlobes. She fondles his hair. He caresses her lips. She fiddles with his fingers. These actions go unseen in the theaters, unnoticed in the malls and obscured from view in the gardens. And yet, she isn't really content. There are nothing painful in his pinches and her lips still have the warmth of his fingerprints. And yet, her forehead still plays host to the diabolic curves. The clock is her nemesis, the calendar being her perennial tormentor. She knows that thirteen hours or a day later, the interstices between her fingers would be prominent again. Her thumb would have her cellphone's keypad for company and her eyes would be searching for his name in the phonebook. Yes, V-day is fun, but its singular count is its singularity. He looks forward to V-days, while everyday she prays for WE-dayS.
He wants her support, her space and her flesh, but she only wants his money. TIME is that money.

Love your girl, because if you don't, then someone else will!

Don't wait for a special day to love her. Make every day special by loving her.

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