Sunday, March 27, 2011

someone i love to hate

Arindam Chaudhary(The Sunday Indian)
yeah! right. The boss of India's fifth best B-School[ :-) ], and the numero uno in Global exposure[ :-D ] is the biggest pest on the idiot box. His writings and speeches usually defy convention and always defy logic. He counts his chicken before they hatch, tells a charcoal to discover the diamond in himself and contradicts his school's (alleged) reputation by talking about the great Indian dream. He takes interesting stands on world issues, produces even more interesting movies and makes the most interesting observations regarding the Indian education system, of which he's and integral part. His dressing sense is weird, if not ridiculus. His hairdo is feminist, if not feminine. His specs look un'spec'tacular, if not ugly. His voice is dilapidated, if not disgusting. Arindam, please retire gracefully. Sunday is a the best day of the week. Please let it be that way. Publish your Sunday Indian on tuesdays, so that the week doesn't have to advance saying WTF(wednesday, thursday, friday) by two days!

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