Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A night away

My darling who had been sleeping with me all these nights for the past two years, has finally decided to take a break! She'll spend today's night at somebody else's place. But rather than feeling distraught and flabbergasted, I'm quite upbeat about our separation.
To be fair to her, I'd used and abused her incessantly. My continuous fingering had let her badly bruised. She let me have my way, without any grievances, without any complaints and without any demands. Two years of monotonic love making left her with a broken spine, chronic lethargy, a lost eye and a set of non functional vocal chords. Eventually the most appealing thing about her; her sheen, her candour, her luminance... disappeared.
I knew that if something wasn't done right away, it would've been too late. It was just the question of me realising that how much was too much. It was that very moment that I decided that something had to give. It was that very moment that I decided that something had to be given that very  moment. And then came the decision. To be with me forever, she had to...had to spend a night at another man's place. To be able to touch her all my life, I had to...had to let her be touched, both externally and ...internally by another man. She needed her sight, she needed her spite, she needed her spine and she needed her sheen. I couldn't provide these to her. Had I been able to, she wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place.
So off I went. I carried her on my back shrugging off the all the minor disturbances and turbulence on the way. Finding a suitable "another 'un" for her was difficult. There are way too many who volunteer for this job, more so at the place where I took her. And then I found it...and then I found him. After all negotiations, it all came down to the promises he and I made to each other. He promised to do to her in a night what I had always craved to do to her. I had no option but to accede to his demands. Yes! I finalised the deal. I left her. Yes! I left her there. Yes! I came back. Yes! I came back without her.
He had promised to give me a call at 10 pm regarding the status and further course of action on her. I started to get a bit edgy no sooner the clock shouted 10. And then it came, a good fifteen minutes past 10.
"Sir, aapke laptop ko repair karne ka kharcha 6000 rupae aega. Hinges ke 1500, battery ke 2000, speakers ke 1000 and display ke 1500".

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