Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things you shouldn't tell her on V-day

1) Burton Albions play Scunthorpe United in the Carling Cup tonight. Who are you putting your money on?
2) Why didn't you bring your friend along? She complements you well.

3) Oh, see that ketchup stain at the side. Seems you haven't washed this dress since last week's party at the club.

4) Yes! We are going for a movie today. Which one? Transformers-V or Predators Versus ET?

5) Oh don't worry about the bill. We'll share it 60-40. 60 mine of course!

6) What Nehru Park? There's a children's park right in front of Anjali's home. What do you mean by 'Anjali who'?

7) Ah! He's my maternal cousin's best friend's younger brother's class mate. He hasn't been to a PVR before. Thought I should bring him along.

8) Did you ask your mother before coming?

9) Nice perfume! Tanisha wears the same one!
What do you mean by 'Tanisha who'?

10) Why did you bring me balloons? I don't turn 22 before October!

11) Look, the balloon isn't entirely oval in shape. It's skewed at one end and elongated at it's opposite.
What 'heart shape'?

12) What mode of transport should we take? The green bus or the yellow bus?

13) Why did I get these? I thought Parle Poppins ARE chocolates!

14) Why not Bournville? I thought you hadn't earned it...

15) Oh these earrings? Thanks! It's family's legacy. My mother wouldn't wear them. She said they needed elephantine earlobes.

16) These sandals would suit you very much! Original Bata office wear. Came free with the Hush Puppies socks that my dad purchased last month.

17) McDonald's? Why not? McPuff or McAloo Tikki?

18) No no! The choco-lava cake wouldn't have any affect on you.

19) Do you have 5 rupees ka change? I need to tip the waiter.

20) Mine aren't stinking. In fact, I am not wearing any socks today!

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