Friday, June 8, 2012


After Chuck Norris facts and Rajnikanth Facts(also Chuck Norris facts), here come our very own MMS Facts.

1) Cancer has no effect on him. MMS suffers from only one disease, Policy Paralysis.

2) While the Japanese go around showcasing their prototypes, Robots have been in existence in India since 1932. MMS, by the way, turns 80 this September.

3) There are times when MMS has the loudest voice.

4) While most people have difficulty in listening in silence, MMS can speak in silence. 

5) MMS would have made a great Hollywood actor had he not refused the title role in 'Silence of the Lambs'.

6) There is no 'Ctrl' button on MMS' keyboard. For obvious reasons.

7) MMS can lick Sonia G's elbow.

8) MMS once had a photograph clicked with Baba Ramdev. It's caption is now taught in Kindergarten as Baba-Black Sheep.

9) MMS once won the Indian Idol using sign language.

10) MMS was made the PM because Pranab Mukherjee got bored of his initials.

11) The shorthand version of the famous adage 'form is temporary, but class is permanent' is called '1991'.

12) Ventriloquism was a dying art. Then MMS came along.

13) Not may people know that MMS had a cameo in Will Smith's 'I am Legend'. But of course, he played Mike, the mannequin.

14) Like every one, MMS also has a soft corner. It's called 'G Spot'. As in 2G, 3G, Sonia G, Pranab MukherG...

15) Sonia G, Mamta G and MMS were once offered to do a TV Series together. Mamta G refused. These stupid Americans now call it the 'Two and A Half Men'.

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