Sunday, March 31, 2013

B-School presentations

First post from the new domain. Fingers crossed. The post is brief, the line spacing has been doubled. Just like we do in presentations

Some useful and interesting (?) facts about B-School presentations

·         The presenter is the one who has made the ppt. The others standing around him have a mean and cumulative contribution of zero

·         The guy hiding behind the monitor changing the slides has a mean contribution of less than zero

·         The purpose of the ‘Thank You’ slide is to tell the slide-changer that this is the last slide and he does not need to press the down arrow again

·         If the slides have a lot of words, they have been copied from a lot of sources

·         If the slides have too few words, the lazy bums just copied the headings 

·         If the design is overly impressive, chances are that the same ppt was been presented last year too

·         If term ‘Agenda of the Day’ is a myth

·         If the ppt has Smart Arts, the writer had a luxury of real-estate and a shortage of building material

·         If at any point during the ppt you come across ‘!!!’,’???’ or ’…’, the person was on Facebook while making the ppt

·         All the videos shown during the presentation have less than 3% correlation with the topic assigned to them

·         All the quotes mentioned in the slide are irrelevant

·         50% of the presenters look only at-the-instructor and 25% look exclusively at their boots. The remaining 25% are screen readers

·         All the references are cooked up

·         Pairwise intersection of : what is asked, what is being presented and what is being spoken is a null set

·         If the answer to a question asked by the audience begins with ‘so, basically’ or ‘let me give you an example’, the answerer has no idea what he’s going to speak next

·         When the presenter responds, ‘I get what you’re trying to say’, trust me, he doesn’t

·         If the response begins with ‘For the data, we spoke to…’, the bum spent the entire last night speaking to his girlfriend

·         All presentations, timed or otherwise, exceed the time limit